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Criminal Law

Mr Nizam has acted at all levels of the criminal bar, including the Court of Appeal . He has defended accused persons who faced diverse charges including capital offences (involving death penalty) of murder and drug trafficking . Besides offences under the Penal Code, he has also represented persons charged under the Employment of Foreign Worker’s Act, Companies Act, Prevention of Corruption Act and Road Traffic Act.


  1. PP v Lisa Ismaniar [2015] SGHC 177 – drug trafficking 
  2. PP v Dolah Omar [2011] SGHC 256 – culpable homicide 
  3. PP v Teng Joon Fong [2009] SGDC 493 – employment of foreign workers act 
  4. PP v Lee Kwee Siong [ 2008] SGHC 117 – drug trafficking

Angliss Singapore Pte Ltd v Public Prosecutor [2006] 4 SLR(R) 653 – where the High Court issued guidelines to be followed on public policy considerations in criminal sentencing. This case is regularly cited on proportionality of sentencing.