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Aside from daily practice, our lawyers are active in external events. Here are some of the Events, Conferences and Seminars that our team have spoken at and participated in over the years.

Watch this space for upcoming events.

LAW@CDC 2023: Syariah Divorce and Related Matters

Moderated by Amira Budiyano (Attorney, Kyndryl), joined by speakers, our Managing Director, Mr Ahmad Nizam Abbas, alongside Ms Nurhafizah Syed (Assistant Senior Social Worker, PPIS As-Salaam), they provided a comprehensive understanding of the Syariah divorce process in Singapore and equip individuals proceeding with the process without legal representation with the tools to navigate it with confidence and resilience.

Hosted the Syariah Law Committee of the Malaysian Bar Council

Our firm hosted the delegation from the Syariah Law Committee of the Malaysian Bar Council. We continued in the afternoon at the Law Society’s premises where our Managing Director, Mr Ahmad Nizam, spoke on the Muslim Law system in Singapore while the Presidents and Deputy Registrar of the Syariah Court shared valuable insights into the workings of the Syariah Court.

Launch of ABAL in the United Kingdom

Managing Director, Mr Ahmad Nizam Abbas participated in the UK was the launch of ABAL – Across Borders Alliance of Lawyers, meeting and engaging with fellow lawyers from all over the world ; exchanging knowledge and experiences from our individual countries

2023 Hari Raya Networking Session by MENDAKI

2023 Hari Raya Networking Session by MENDAKI Our Managing Director, Mr Ahmad Nizam, alongside our team attended the Hari Raya Networking Session by Mendaki on 16 May 2023. The event was hosted by Ms Rahayu Mahzam. Mr Ahmad Nizam was invited to be on the panel of speakers at the event to share his experience as legal professional and to give guidance to younger lawyers who are just starting out on their legal journey.

Ahmad Nizam on Leaving a Legacy | Singapore Academy of Law

Ask an SAL member who they idolise in the profession and you’ll get a range of answers: some might throw out a present judge’s name while others may look to the past and mould their careers after a historical figure in the law. For Mr Ahmad Nizam, that hero is the late Mr Ahmad Ibrahim, independent Singapore’s first Attorney-General. Ahmad came across the former AG’s works during a time of flux early in his career. Recalling the period, he says, “The ‘human’ areas of the law, namely family and criminal work, interest me most.”

2022 Muslim Law Practice Course

On 29 August 2022, Mr Ahmad Nizam presented a paper on Recent Developments in Syariah Court jurisdiction on Division of Matrimonial Assets and Custody of Children at the Muslim Law Practice Course jointly organised by the National University of Singapore Law School, Centre for Asian Legal Studies, Syariah Court and MUIS Academy. This specially tailored course was attended by academics, judges,  lawyers and asatizah community.

AIJA Dinner

On 24 August 2022, our firm played host to a group of young international lawyers who were in Singapore for the 60th annual Congress of the International Association of Young Lawyers (AIJA).

International Legal Ethics Conference 2022 Lawyers in a World of Crisis

Managing Director, Mr Ahmad Nizam Abbas participated as a panelist in the International Legal Ethics Conference 2022 Lawyers in a World of Crisis event where he gave a segment on Lawyers in Asian Syariah Courts: Ethical and Regulatory Issues. This event was organised by ILEC 2022 and UCLA School of Law and was held at UCLA Luskin Conference Centre Los Angeles, California, USA from 13-15 August 2022.