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Training Contracts

One of our goals is to be a place of mentorship and guidance. We welcome anyone seeking a Training Contract (TC). You can email us at to apply. We look forward to having you as a Trainee.


Stemming from his love of teaching, Mr. Ahmad Nizam has mentored many young interns from a variety of backgrounds. Some skills that interns develop under Mr. Ahmad Nizam include:

  • Drafting of legal documents including Affidavits and other pleadings
  • Managing digital and physical databases for clients
  • Coordinating and executing team meetings
  • Attending court sessions
  • Taking minutes of client meetings and court proceedings

Mr. Ahmad Nizam takes care to brief his interns and trusts them with important tasks to the firm, showing solid results through his mentees’ resulting successes. He provides a workplace that fosters growth and development in law with particularly valuable exposure to Syariah Law. Several of his previous interns have reached out for recommendations, and later with updates on their own journeys into law.

We love hosting internships for anyone interested in the practice of law. You will have the opportunity to experience life in practice and observe the process of litigation in court. You can write to us at to apply. We look forward to welcoming you in our firm.

Testimonial from Fazlur Rahman from Temasek Polytechnic, who worked with us as a paralegal for 7 weeks in May and June 2023.

“After graduating from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Law & Management, I joined Crescent Law Chambers as a Paralegal whilst waiting to be enlisted for National Service. Despite my relatively short stint with the team, I was thoroughly impressed by the high degree of professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail exhibited by everyone on the team — particularly, the Managing Director, Mr Ahmad Nizam. At every turn, I was given the opportunity to learn, grow, and shine: almost immediately after joining the firm, I was put onto important files, but not without the right guidance and support. For example, I was tasked to draw up the first cut of the written submissions for a homicide case which raised important questions of law. Through Mr Nizam’s astute questions and critiques, I was able to hone my legal reasoning skills and sharpen the overall arguments — eventually, Mr Nizam made the submissions to the General Division of the High Court.

In my current National Service vocation as a Plans Assistant (Legal) in the Singapore Civil Defence Force, I have used the lessons and skills learnt at Crescent Law to effectively perform legal research and provide advice regarding force-wide legal issues. Having been offered admission to read law at the University of Cambridge and the National University of Singapore, I am confident that these lessons will remain relevant regardless of which option of further education I choose.

I remain grateful to Mr Nizam and his team for their guidance throughout my time at Crescent Law Chambers.

Testimonial from Sarah Binte Jumari, who interned with us for 6 weeks in January and February 2024.

“I didn’t know what to expect from interning at a law firm, given my young age and lack of experience, and I found the idea very daunting.

But Mr Nizam and the rest of my new colleagues were very kind and patient with me, guiding me through the processes and legal jargon. From not knowing what an ‘affidavit’ is, I went to writing notes for meetings to even following along to the States Court.

I’ve learnt a lot during my time there, and I’m glad Crescent Law Chambers LLC gave me a chance to experience all this and happily fortify my resolve to pursue law in the distant future

Testimonial from Habib Nur from National University of Singapore, who interned with us for 3 weeks in May 2023.

I began my internship at Crescent Law Chambers only seeking to complete the three weeks that had been agreed upon. Without any exaggeration, from the first day itself, I was taken onboard the Crescent Law family, never to look back.

In terms of the legal experience, Mr. Nizam is as good a guide as one can ask for. In my short spell at Crescent Law, I got to experience the full range, from pleadings to trial. Mr. Nizam gave me ample opportunity to apply what I had learnt up to that point, also correcting me where I had erred. Mr. Nizam’s ability to distill critical issues and think on his feet is a work of experience and art that one has to see to believe.

Beyond developing my legal skills, I also forged valuable friendships at Crescent Law. Working in a small team where everyone knows one another, we go beyond our individual workload to ensure that everyone is able to cope. In a highly demanding field like the law, such a culture is extremely helpful.

It was such a pleasant experience that within three weeks, I was convinced that Crescent Law would be the ideal firm to perform my Training Contract in.

Testimonial from Samuel Elisha Koh from Temasek Polytechnic, who interned with us under the SIP (Student Internship Programme) for 16 weeks from 29 August to 16 December 2022.

“At first, I was sceptical of working in a law firm due to the rumoured heavy workload and strict working ethics. However, at Crescent Law Chambers LLC I am treated like family by my colleagues and my supervisor, Mr Ahmad Nizam.

Mr Ahmad Nizam allowed me to work closely alongside him and even brought me to Court to give me the opportunity to experience the “real thing”. He would always take time out of his hectic schedule to show me the ropes and correct my work to ensure everything is done to perfection. My colleagues, Amrun and Omairah, are TP law alumni and are familiar with the internship programme and were able to quickly identify the challenges I face at the office and would always kindly and patiently assist me to ensure I am on the right track. They have made working not only fun, but also enriching and they have been wonderful mentors to me.

Overall, working at Crescent Law Chambers has not only been an enriching experience but also a pleasant and enjoyable one. I would love to be able to work for them outside the internship programme in the future if the opportunity arises.”

Megan had the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences on a host of issues with community activist Ms Hazlina Halim, President of Young Muslim Women’s Association (PPIS) and CEO of Make-a-Wish Foundation Singapore.

Testimonial from Megan Kirk from University of Texas A & M, USA, ILAP (International Internship and Living Abroad Programme) for 6 weeks in July and August 2022.

“Interning with Mr. Nizam opened me to a world of possibilities and encouraged me to adapt my interpersonal skills to build connections with clients in new and exciting ways. From day one I was given the opportunity to attend meetings and write court documents for clients. I learned a lot about Syariah Law that I may not have been able to learn if I were studying under anyone else. Mr. Nizam made sure that interning was fun while also maintaining practicality and setting challenges for me. I feel like I came out of my internship with a solid repertoire of skills and a new friend.”